Soft Baby Blankets

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Soft Baby Blankets– the ultimate gift for a new baby


What is it with babies and their blankies? Give a personalised soft baby blanket as a gift and you will be associated with that treasured possession for many years to come. These soft baby blankets have been a source of comfort and security for babies almost since the beginning of time. The beloved snuggle-source virtually becomes an extension of the tiny human being, and many mums have discovered that bath-time for soft baby blankets leads to major anxiety in baby and may even give rise to a tantrum.

Soft Baby Blankets can come in the form of a silky receiving coverlet, a soft swaddle style, or a throw that has been lovingly and delicately woven. Every baby has his or her personal favourite, and beware the adult who thinks they are able to prise it away…

Soft Baby Blankets are a baby nursery gift idea that will always be welcome. Coming in a vast variety of styles and textures, the choice is completely yours. For a newborn, a personalised baby blanket in a swaddling style may be what is needed to recreate the familiar womb-like security. These designs also make it easier for small siblings to hold the new baby securely and safely, and come with a foam insert for extra neck support during the first weeks. In some instances, velcro straps are attached for easy wrapping and unwrapping. The swaddling coverlets are manufactured from the softest of flannels and can be washed in your machine. Often the label comes with clear pictures detailing how to use it correctly.

Babies love animal buddies. Personalised soft baby blankets combined with animal antics are a sure winner. There are pups with perky ears, dainty ducks, and frogs with friendly smiles. Or opt for a safari style sporting the most lovable lavender elephant, blue bear or a mum-and-baby giraffe pair.

By opting for little taggy soft baby blankets, you can give a gift with a purpose. While still the best for snuggles, it has been designed with vivid, colourful rows of tags perfect for tactile stimulation. Watch as a delighted baby goes on a treasure hunt using plump, inquisitive fingers, teething gums and bright eyes to examine this newly discovered gem. The coverlet comes with a beautiful embroidered message and adorable applique work.

Knitted personalised soft baby blankets have the added benefit that the lettering has been knitted into the design. This will therefore last for as long as the item is in use. Be sure to look for machine washable lines. Another favourite is cosy, dreamy polar fleece with the name and date of birth embroidered in bright colours.

Try to be as practical as possible in your choice. Remember that soft baby blankets should be up to serious multitasking over an extended period.

While the main use will be at home, soft baby blankets also have to do their duty during stroller outings, adventures in the car seat, or overnight visits in strange homes. Becoming a world traveller with the protection of a trusted blankie companion close by is simply much more tolerable.

Soft Baby Blankets

Resilience and the ability to collect loads of frequent-washing miles are prerequisites when it comes to selecting personalised soft baby blankets.

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