Baby Music Boxes Are A Classic Gift

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Are you expecting a new member of the family? Baby music boxes are a classic gift to give a newborn.

Think simple and charming. Baby music boxes are adored by adults and babies alike and continue to be a primary baby gift.

With an abundance of different styles, colours and designs to choose from you will have no trouble picking unique baby music boxes.

Little girls adore baby music boxes, particularly the ballerina and princess designs. There are many gender neutral themes available too though. Including ponies, rabbits, spinning carousels and ones with dancing figurines. Cute animal music boxes for little ones are very popular at the minute, especially jungle inspired designs.

Jungle Baby Music Boxes at Becky and LoloIf you are after a certain quality look at traditionally styled wooden baby music boxes. Often it is the old designs with wind up mechanisms that last the longest. They’ve stood the test of time and you can be pretty sure you’re getting a hand-crafted and often hand-painted gift that either baby boy or baby girl will enjoy. Plus it is no big secret that babies love music!

There are many reasons why choosing baby music boxes is a good choice to make. Babies and young children really do love anything that makes a sound. Whistles, bangs, beeps – anything noisy will do. However, adults often don’t find a lot of repetitive noise much fun, so traditional  baby music boxes with a sweet playing tune is a winning choice.

A baby music box is a great decorative item for any nursery especially when it complements the rooms decor. Ask the parents what colours they plan to paint the nursery. If the baby music box matches in style and colour, it will look handpicked!

From a parents point of view, baby music boxes can help soothe and calm a baby and put him or her to sleep. It can also amuse the child when it’s awake, as babies really enjoy listening to music and watching the little spinning figures move.

Carousels Baby Music Boxes at Becky and LoloMost online shops that sell baby gifts will have a good selection of baby music boxes. For extra inspiration view a selection of the best hand-crafted baby music boxes here.

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