Fun Boys Bedroom Themes

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When decorating a boy bedroom, you do not necessarily have to go with the traditional theme of “blue for a boy”. There are plenty of creative ways to decorate a boy bedroom through their hobbies, interests, favourite sports team colours that can last a long time. The best step is to get your son involved in coming up with ideas for his own space so he can truly express himself.

For most boys, a bed is his castle, where he can play all sorts of games, from turning it into his pirate ship or his own climbing frame across the jungle (think Indiana Jones). It is a great place for him to have fun sleepovers, or lounge around and play games with mates. If you have the room and the budget, get a fun and exciting beds like bunk beds, canopy beds or something that adds an element of fun! Whatever bed you choose, you can use a creative bedding set to really bring it in to a new theme every time you or your son feel like a change.

For younger boys, a boy bedroom can easily be based around his interest or hobbies, making it a great design focus. If your son likes cars and truck, you can make some fantastic transport themed rooms! With children this age, tastes and hobbies can change quickly as they tend to grow tired of things quicker. A great way to solve this problem is go for a simple base colour paint and bring the room alive with kids wall stickers, bedding and accessories like bookends, clocks, rugs etc. Using wallpaper or painting a beautiful mural can make what could be a quick shopping trip into a painful few days decorating.

Older boys will want to make a room their own with the use of their own posters and items they have collected themselves. A great base for a football or rugby (or indeed any sports fan) is to base the colour scheme around there teams.

Top Five Themed Rooms For Boys:

  1. Transport
  2. Jungle/Safari
  3. Pirate
  4. Space
  5. Boats/Seaside

Tips for decorating a boy bedroom

  • Keep homework and play areas separate. Have a zone with a desk and notice board and another with beanbags or an indoor tepee.
  • Good storage is essential if you don’t want to be treading on Lego when you tuck him in for bed. A large toy trunk is great for stowing bulky games and hanging net compartments are a quick fix for unruly stuffed creatures.
  • Any vintage toy cars or planes from your own childhood can be classic decorative items, but keep them on high-up shelves so they don’t get damaged.
  • Use spotlights and novelty fairy lights rather than just one central hanging lamp so that you vary the degree of lighting and create different moods. You can get more boyish fairy lights with footballs or animals.

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