Children’s Bedroom Themes

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Children’s Bedroom Themes For All Ages


With a little research and a creative mind, you can transform your child’s bedroom from a boring box into a stimulating haven with only a small budget. Here are some ideas on the most popular children’s bedroom themes.


Children’s Bedroom Themes – Nautical

Little marine enthusiasts and fans of boats will treasure a nautical or under the sea themed bedroom. Using blue paint and re-positionable nautical wall stickers, a tranquil mural of sail boats and clouds floating dreamily over pale blue ocean walls can be achieved. Plus, if matched with a nautical themed children’s duvet cover set and a characterful focal wall clock, the end result should be a calm and peaceful setting.


Children’s Bedroom Themes – Woodland

A popular style with girls. Always buy your children’s bedding for woodland themed bedrooms first and the rest of the design will follow. Deer, bunnies, squirrels and foxes can all take centre stage and combined with warm colour paints and Nordic elements, decorations can be adapted to your child’s tastes. Woodland themed accessories will finish a bedroom off nicely and we particularly love this Red Riding Hood duvet cover set.


Children’s Bedroom Themes – Transport

A timeless theme, designers continue to come up with fresh and original styles and the variety of ideas for transport children’s bedroom themes is endless. To keep it simple choose a mode of transport and run with it, making sure the bedroom elements are vibrant and interactive. Build A Road wall stickers are a great way to make a feature wall and achieve extra play space. Plus busy cars duvet cover sets will bring a sense of fun to the space. You’ll have no trouble enticing little ones up to bed!


Children’s Bedroom Themes – Jungle


You may have the design challenge of shared bedrooms and want to pick a design that will suit both children. A jungle theme is perfect for all ages and continues to be a primary idea for children’s bedroom themes as little ones usually associate the jungle with their favourite wild animals. Re-positionable jungle wall stickers are a great way to decorate as each wall can host a different animal. While children’s themed bedding is the perfect way to reflect each child’s individual personality.


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Children's Bedroom Themes

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