Children’s Duvet Cover Sets

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There are very few things that get better with time, but children’s duvet cover sets made from 100% cotton are one of those things.

They start out crisp and cool and become softer with every wash and are the perfect balance of lightness, cosiness and comfort. Plus there are a few tricks that you can use that will help you take care of your cotton children’s duvet cover sets.

1. Always make sure you wash your children’s duvet cover sets on a cool to warm cycle, never hot. Usually on setting 40 degrees but if the sheets aren’t heavily soiled you can get away with a setting of 30 degrees.

2. Use a gentle cycle. Cotton bedding for children does not require the same level of agitation required for regular clothing. Plus you don’t want to encourage extra wrinkles at this stage!

3. Avoid chlorinated bleach whitening products at all times. They will destroy the elasticity of the natural fibre in your children’s duvet cover sets and compromise longevity and softness over time.

4. Once washed, tumble dry your cotton bedding for children on a low cycle and whenever possible, avoid fabric softener. Not a very well known fact but both liquid and sheet fabric softeners will actually clog cotton fabric pores, resulting in reduced luster and gloss of your children’s duvet cover sets.

5. For the best results you cannot beat drying the bedding outside on the washing line as the natural weight of the cotton will remove the vast majority of wrinkles.

6. Iron your cotton bedding while it is still slightly damp! Ensure your iron is not too hot and use quick and long strokes up and down the ironing board to get rid of creases more effectively.

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