Children’s Fairy Lights

Butterfly Fairy Lights
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When decorating a child’s bedroom, it’s the finishing touches that really bring a room to life. Our children’s fairy lights are perfect for adding sparkle to a room and filling it with character.

Ethically made using natural resources, our children’s fairy lights are created by over 20 family-run businesses in Thailand. Fair trade materials are sourced wherever possible to protect the environment and support the suppliers. Not only are our children’s fairy lights beautiful but they’re ethical too.

All of our children’s fairy lights come in a variety of cute and colourful designs to suit a range of themed bedrooms. Enhance a girly room with our butterfly fairy lights or create the perfect princess palace with our Fairy Princess lights. For rooms with a floral theme, try our Summer Garden Daisies. Whatever your choice, you will see your bedroom glow!


For grown up bedrooms, why not add a touch of sophistication with our Radiant Hearts children’s fairy lights. Drape them around a bed frame or hang them on your wall. Or if you have a child who adores all things cute, then our brand new Hooty Owls and Animal Farm children’s fairy lights are perfect for creating the ultimate play space.

Children's Fairy Lights - Hooty Owls

For the young at heart, our fairy lights are also perfect. Maybe you need something to brighten up your university bedroom? If so, then our turquoise fairy lights will have everybody jealous. As they’re fitted with LED lights, they have a life expectancy of up to ten years. This means you will not have to replace them any time soon!

Turquoise Fairy Lights

Whatever your bedroom’s style or theme, our children’s fairy lights are perfect for creating a place to relax. To see our wonderful children’s fairy lights, visit our bedroom accessories department at

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