Children’s Wall Clocks

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Telling the Time Made Easy With Children’s Wall Clocks


Spring Wall Clock

Do you remember when you learnt to tell the time? I do. My mum drew me countless clock faces with different times on. It took me ages to grasp. But, once i’d learnt to tell the time, she brought me a clock of my choice for my bedroom! It was a yellow clown and his tummy held the clock face.


Learning to tell the time is essential, but it can be also be challenging. Why not make telling the time fun as well as educational with our fantastic range of hand-crafted children’s wall clocks? Our Little Timber children’s wall clocks are individually hand-painted and are hand-crafted from wood, giving them a real personal touch. Made from plywood, they are light and simple to put up without damaging the walls.

Children's Wall Clocks

Our children’s wall clocks  are available in many designs including Woodland Owl, Knight, Daisy and Princess Castle. The bold and fun colours will enhance any room. Working as both a decorative piece and a positive learning tool for children, the colourful numbers on our children’s wall clocks really stand out and will help little ones learn to read the time.

Why not finish off your children’s bedroom with a cuckoo clock? Our car cuckoo clock is made from wood, featuring a traditional tree house design and finished with hanging car-themed elements. This clock functions silently so it will not distract your child when trying to sleep.


car cuckoo clock

Unique in style and wonderfully eye-catching, the contemporary designs on our children’s wall clocks are the perfect accent to finish off a nursery or a playroom. They will also look great if placed in other areas of the house. Our delicious wall clock will look great in a kitchen!

cake clock

Check out our full range of children’s wall clocks here:

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