Decorating Ideas For Children’s Rooms

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In your quest to make the perfect boy’s room you will do much research. There are so many things to consider and you want things to turn out perfectly. Your project begins with the perfect idea. If you are still lacking that perfect idea you should read this short article which will give you a few ideas.

One great idea which has become even more popular because of movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a pirate room. Kids love to pretend to be pirates. Think about creating an ocean theme with this room. Use pirate ships, portholes, treasure boxes, parrots, ship masts, nets, hooks and more.

Get creative. Maybe watch the movie again for inspiration. Another great idea is to make a dinosaur room. The Dinosaur room is a timeless classic. kids will always love dinosaurs. Get a book on dinosaurs and maybe some stencils to give you ideas. Think about creating a rocky and rugged prehistoric look. There are many ways for you to go here. The last idea that I will give you is a castle room.

Your little boy can pretend to be a knight in King Arthur’s court. Think about moats, castle walls, stone, swords, armor and do not forget about Merlin the wizard. The great thing about all of these ideas is that you can use movies for inspiration. If you run out of ideas just go rent a pirate, dinosaur or Camelot movie for ideas.


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