Fun Stephen Joseph Lunch Bags & Boxes

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If you are looking for fun lunch bags and boxes for your child, you have probably realized that so many of the ones available today feature the same characters and themes over and over again. If you are looking for a new stylish approach to lunch bags and boxes that both you and your child will enjoy, Stephen Joseph and RoomItUp carry some great selections. The styles available from these two companies are not only sturdy and attractive for carrying lunches, but they are so cute that kids, as well as adults, might just choose them to carry other personal accessories as well.

Stephen Joseph Snack Sacks:

The children’s lunch bags from Stephen Joseph, called “snack sacks”, feature adorably cute animal, bug and flower motif bags that make you smile just looking at them. These delightful lunch bags are fully insulated, and include a front Velcro flap closure, a front zipper pocket, and a carrying strap. Their 22 cm x 17 cm x 6.5 cm size makes them perfect for children’s lunches, or for many other types of items that they might need to carry. As an added touch, each of these cute snack sacks comes with 12 inspiring note cards, and parents can choose one each day to add in order to offer words of encourage to the child for the school day. The designs are colourful and cute, and the animal bags include a tiger, horse, dog, cow, monkey and cat. There is also a ladybird, butterfly and flower design as well. Some of these designs are so cute that you might even want one for your own lunch.

Stephen Joseph Lunch Boxes:

Stephen Joseph also makes a great line of insulated lunch boxes. These lunch boxes measure 27 cm x 20 cm x 7.5 cm, which is a great size for when you need a little more lunch-packing space. These cute lunch boxes have a double zipper closure, including a handy zippered pocket on the outside of the lunch box and a carrying handle on top. They also have a mesh pocket on the inside that can be used to hold an ice pack, and a Velcro strap inside which can be used to secure a beverage bottle. These lunch boxes come in a variety of cute and colourful styles, including ballet, butterfly, frog, pirate and sports motifs. Mum might even enjoy taking her own lunch to work in the butterfly or ladybird lunch box.

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