Pretty Girl Bedroom Themes

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Creating a girl bedroom theme specially for your little girl takes some time and consideration. Depending on age, likes, hobbies etc, you can end up with a total different outcome with every decision. Whether you have a little princess, or a little fairy or animal lover, a great way to work out where to start is colour.

Colour is a very personal thing, and if you do not understand what goes with what, you could end up with some very odd results. Now this usually implies more to adult interiors but taking this into consideration can make you the creator of a beautiful room, rather than just buying an expensive full range or, quite simply getting it very wrong!

For a girl bedroom, the obvious colours would be pinks or purples. This is the case for most little girls but if your daughter is old enough, ask her for her thoughts, you may be surprised, especially as they get older. There are some beautiful bedroom decorations out there that don’t follow the usual theme for example the very sweet Enchanted Forest Kids Wall Stickers, made up of greens and browns fall out of the usual girl colour catergory (and would look very odd on pink walls!). They are proving to be a popular choice for girl bedrooms. Add some green curtains and bedding, mint green walls and you have yourself a very lovely girl bedroom theme that is not pink.

Choosing a matching fabrics throughout is a great way to keep a room coordinated and to build a theme on. Themed bedding is widely available, but even using matching plain coloured linens will help bring a basis to work with.

For key items to really bring a room together, look at matching furniture sets. You can get some beautiful matching designs in lovely themes like butterfly bookcases with table and chairs and toy boxes.

For more inexpensive items, try using clocks, rugs, bookends, lampshades wall stickers in a coordinated theme to really pull a room together. When choosing these items to bring into your girl bedroom, don’t forget that it is always important to incorporate the child’s personality in the room. Does your daughter enjoy playing with baby dolls? Perhaps you should consider adding a small toy crib or high chair in the corner of the room. If she like animals incorporate toy animals into the scheme. Whatever interests your daughter has, they can act as a springboard for your design plans.

Our Top Five Bedroom Themes for Girls:

  1. Princess
  2. Floral/Garden
  3. Fairy
  4. Forest
  5. Jungle (unisex – great for shared rooms when they are younger!)

Here are some ideas to consider to get your creative mind flowing! All items are available through Becky and Lolo!

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