Height Chart

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As a parent, seeing your children grow is both exciting and moving. It’s exciting to see them reach new milestones and yet we often feel they are growing up too fast. They were babies just yesterday and today, they start school, how did that happen? A glance at the height chart shows that indeed they grow up fast, whether it’s too fast is another thing!

A height chart helps you keep an eye on your child’s growth and compare it with the average. It allows you to make sure that your child grows healthily. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s growth, please contact your family doctor or health visitor. Remember than babies and children don’t grow at a steady rate. They go through phases of slow growth followed by growth spurts when all their clothes and shoes need to be changed as soon as you have bought them, in particular in spring.

A height chart where you can write their height and the date when you measured them is a sweet way of celebrating their growth, their childhood, from toddler to teenager. Children love to be reminded of how much they’ve grown, how they used to be a baby, how they used to toddle and can now run…. A height chart is a good visual memento. It can help prompt stories that help children make sense of their little lives: when you were that tall, we lived there and now we live here; when you reached that mark, your little sister was born…

Not simply a functional item, a height chart can be decorative, colourful and fun. It can be chosen to complement the nursery décor or the theme chosen for a girl or boy bedroom. With a wide range of designs from princesses to butterflies, garage and jungle themes, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

A child height chart is a lovely keepsake. Once the child has outgrown their chart, it can be folded away and kept in a keepsake box. You can imagine them showing their grandchildren how small they were once upon a time! If you are looking for a unique new baby gift, then a height chart might be just the right thing. It will be with them for a long time, is easy to post if you are sending it to friends who live faraway and take very little room if space is an issue: in short, the perfect yet original new baby gift!


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