Height Chart

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For a child, is there anything more exciting than growing up? Remembering – or trying to – how little you were and appreciating how big, strong, and smart you are now. Gazing at a height chart with little notches and dates certainly brings a sense of pride to children’s eyes – as well as a bit of competition if there is a taller sibling!

A height chart where the children’s height and the date are written regularly is a great visual way to remind parents and child alike how far they have come and the exciting milestones ahead of them.

The point of a height chart is to stay with the child over a long period of time. For that reason, it is a good idea to choose a timeless design. One can’t go wrong with a princess or flowery design for a little girl bedroom or a jungle or a plane theme for a boy bedroom. The room décor can easily be updated as time goes by but the height will still fit in nicely.

In addition to the wide range of themes and designs, there are various models to choose from: from increasingly popular kids wall stickers, to wooden charts, and hand painted cardboard. Most designs can be folded down for easy transport and storage. Choose a model that is easy to attach to the wall as well as sturdy and durable. Make sure that you read the instructions carefully as most charts require hanging at a specific height as they don’t go all the way to the floor. If you are buying a chart for an older child, double check the maximum height so it is outgrown too quickly.

A height chart is not simply a decorative item, it also helps monitor a child’s growth and compare it with the average. It is an easy way to ensure that the child grows healthily. A period of slow growth for an otherwise healthy child should be no cause for concern. Children go through phases of slow growth followed by growth spurts. Don’t hesitate to contact your general practitioner or health visitor if you have any concerns over your child’s health.

You can choose to have one height chart for the whole family or let each child have their own. It’s a thoughtful keepsake. After it has been used, it can be kept in a memory box. A height chart also makes a truly unique new baby gift that is guaranteed to be used for many years.

Decorative and functional, a height chart will always be a lovely addition to a child’s bedroom.

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