Kids Wall Stickers For the Nursery

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Creating a nursery for a new baby is a fun part of preparing for your new arrival. Getting all the essential items will already make a visible impact on the room and kids wall stickers can make it really special.



There are a huge range of kids wall stickers designed for a newborn’s room from cute jungle animals to educational alphabets and numbers that will provide brightness and liveliness to your baby’s room. You can make it cheerful and creative since wall stickers are available in various themes and are inexpensive. When your baby grows into a toddler and gets older again, it is easy to remove and replace the decals with no mess left over.

Using alphabet or number wall stickers can be a great learning tool for your baby until it reaches toddler level. Learning numbers and the alphabet early will help with child development, you can even teach them how to spell their name at an early age.

One of the most popular themes for a newborn’s nursery theme is a jungle or safari theme. There is such a huge range to chose from in design and style that it can be hard choosing! Bright colours visually stimulate a baby which will develop their eyesight quicker. Keep this in mind when decorating the nursery, as splashes of colour for the baby to focus on is a great way to develop eyesight, and further down the line, interests. Remember that a newborn’s eyesight is only 8-12inches, so at first it would be a good idea place the wall stickers near the crib. Once your baby starts growing and developing a longer range of vision, you can easily reposition the nursery wall stickers further around the room. Another great advantage to using nursery wall stickers!




Not only are there a great range of different designs of nursery wall stickers, but self adhesive wall border stickers are now more readily available and in matching designs too. This again is a lovely way to frame a bedroom and have bright imagery at crib level all around the room. With a matching set of wall stickers, a theme really begins to take shape.

Another huge advantage to decorating with nursery wall stickers is if you have made the choice to not know what sex your baby will be. You can keep a very unisex design throughout with bedding and painting etc, but within a few weeks of the baby being home and settled, you can quite easily create a beautifully themed room specifically aimed towards a girl or a boy in minutes without using up too much of that valuable energy needed when a new baby is in the home. They can also be a great thing to ask for at baby showers for a more unusual gift.

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