Personalised Baby Blankets

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Personalised Baby Blankets provide more than just comfort and warmth to your baby.


It is really easy to walk into a store that specialises in baby merchandise and pick up a baby blanket for your baby or for the baby of a friend. However, what you don’t get from most run-of-the-mill blankets is that personalised touch.

Soft personalised baby blankets will pamper even the pickiest of babies and will be a one-of-a-kind gift. Baby blankets are not only plush and soft, but they are available in a selection of fabrics that can act as a source of comfort and security for babies. The cuddle companion can be in the style of a snuggle swaddle or a fleece throw that has been lovingly embroidered to coordinate with any diaper bag or nursery.

You have the option to personalise the blanket with a name or birth date in a range of beautiful thread colours that compliments the design. Although a touch more expensive, personalised baby blankets can be even more special, especially when given as a gift.

All of our high quality personalised baby blankets are machine washable, and come with adorable applique work. Babies absolutely adore animal buddies. Our personalised baby blankets combined with animal designs are a sure winner. You have loveable giraffes, cheeky monkeys, friendly lions and happy elephants.

Or opt for a safari jungle style which sports the most loveable spotty elephant. It has been designed with vivid colours for tactile stimulation. Watch a delighted baby go on a journey of exploration, using plump inquisitive fingers and bright eyes to examine this soft new baby blanket.

If you are thinking about the perfect gift for mother and baby, then choosing one of our personalised baby blankets is your best option. Both mother and baby will love and appreciate this gift for years to come and the baby might just grow up to treasure this special gift.

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