Personalised Bags for Nursery

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Starting nursery or pre-school is a big event in the life of a child. A personalised bag can be one of those ‘things from home’ that your children will instantly recognise as their own.

Stephen Joseph bags are adorable presents for toddlers. With so many designs to choose from children will love choosing their favourite theme: from butterflies and ladybirds to pirates and everything with wheels! The cheerful colours help children recognise their bags from a distance.

Stephen Joseph

The child’s name can be embroidered on the personalised bags. You can even choose your preferred font and the colour if you wish to. The process only takes  up to seven days. Personalised bags aren’t just cute; they also incredibly practical.

The Stephen Joseph bags have been carefully designed to be most comfortable for children: the width is proportionate to a toddler’s torso, and the two shoulder straps ensure that the weight is evenly balanced. The straps are adjustable so that the bag rests against the curve of the child’s lower back.

The bags are easy for small hands to open and close. There is a drawstring and a flap with a magnetic flap closure. The outside pocket is ideal to store little treasures. The size of the toddler backpack is generous enough to hold everything you need.

The quilted cotton makes a durable and lightweight bag, much more comfortable for a young child than heavy and oversized bags. You can easily pop the personalised bags in the washing machine at 30°C so they remain nice and clean. They include a convenient loop at the top to hang them on a peg at nursery or at home.

Cute and practical, personalised bags make great (and affordable) purchases or gifts for a toddler going to nursery, pre-school, or any kind of activity. No wonder they are best sellers and favourites with children and parents alike.


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