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Peter Rabbit
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 Peter Rabbit

I used to love Peter Rabbit. As a child, I vividly remember it being one of the first books I truly enjoyed. I really liked that the animals wore clothes. I thought it was funny. The tale of Peter Rabbit tells the story of Peter who doesn’t listen to his mother and sneaks into Mr. McGregor’s garden to eat all of the carrots. Mr. McGregor spots Peter and as Peter tries to run away, he leaves his famous blue coat and shoes.

It is hard to believe that this story is now over 100 years old. Yet, it is still as popular as when it was first published. It is estimated that 80% of the world’s population has heard of Peter Rabbit and the Peter Rabbit series is responsible for over 151 million sales worldwide!

This got me thinking. What made Peter Rabbit so interesting? What makes him so interesting over 100 years later?

The author of Peter Rabbit is a lady named Beatrix Potter. She was an illustrator by trade and then an author. Her story of Peter Rabbit arose when she and her unwell son Noel were alone. She told him the story of four rabbits, one of which was named Peter. Within time, this story became as popular as we now know it to be today.

Beatrix Potter passed away in 1943. Her illustrations are now stored in various museums. The largest collection of her work is stored at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. As well as the artwork left behind, Peter Rabbit has continued its legacy featuring on many items children enjoy today. At Becky and Lolo, we sell a range of these items which are perfect to create a themed bedroom or to function as a standalone gift.

peter rabbit backpack
Peter Rabbit Plush Backpack

I really love the Peter Rabbit Plush Backpack. It is cute, cuddly and fun. Peter Rabbit unzips at the back leaving plenty of space for items to be stored. I think this is the perfect nursery bag and will be easily recognisable amongst many other nursery bags.

peter rabbit
Children’s Dinner Set

Another personal favorite of mine is the Children’s Dinner Set. Portion control is important from the moment your child is born. Too much food as a child means children are more likely to grow up to become overweight as adults. That’s why this dinner set is perfect. It also acts as an incentive as the child needs to eat the perfectly portioned food in order to reveal the 3-dimensional design underneath.

peter rabbit
100% cotton Peter Rabbit duvets

After a busy day, wht better way to fall into bed than into one of our 100% cotton Peter Rabbit duvets. It is natural, hypo-allergenic and soft to the touch.


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