School Gym Bags- A Back To School Essential

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Unique school gym bags will avoid any after-school confusion.


Purchasing good quality school gym bags is a great way to fuel a child’s passion for sport and to encourage them to be more active. However, the question of cost and design always arises.

The temptation to make do with any old bag in the house is a quick solution, but remember, plastic bags are a poor alternative to kid’s school gym bags as they will tear quickly and many children will share the same Tesco, Sainbury’s or similar supermarket design.

This in turn adds to the confusion during and after P.E. Usually a sea of kids’ school gym bags are piled high in one place, haphazardly strewn without name tags, so both parent and child has to make a mad dash to make claim- not an ideal situation!

So when shopping for one, make sure your children’s school gym bags are unique, whether it be in colour, shape, material or design. Brightly coloured school gym bags are far easier to spot and are less likely to get lost in all the commotion at the end of a school day.

To further ensure that your child’s school gym bag doesn’t get lost or accidentally picked up by the wrong person, choose a backpack that can be personalised with their name. Costing £4.99, our expert embroiderer matches the colour of the thread with the colour of the bag, and positions it so that it can be easily read by all the kids at school.

Bobble Art School Gym Bags– Neon is the ‘in’ colour for both kids and adults! Featuring a waterproof polyester lining, drawstring opening and made from durable nylon fabric, this eye popping gym bag includes an inside pocket with zip closure and a pocket to insert a child’s name tag. Priced at £13.99.

Happy Kiddie School Gym Bags– The woodland theme is back with a vengeance and with a new contemporary twist! Features include a polyester waterproof lining and an eco-friendly external PVC coating. This is a characterful school gym bag with the power to stand out from the crowds. Priced at £13.99.

Gisela Graham School Gym Bags– Always a well loved design, this nautical gym bag is designed to be extra spacious and includes a double drawstring opening, polyester lining and a PVC coated cotton exterior to protect items from the elements. Priced at £10.00.

For further inspiration and with over twenty kids school gym bags to choose from, click here

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