Kids’ Swim Bags for the Outdoors

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Swim Bags for Active Kids


It’s the first sign of spring so get set for kids’ outdoor activities by buying new kids’ Swim Bags, P.E bags and Gym Bags.

Kids today spend hours a week indoors playing on Nintendo consoles, mobiles and computers and are spending less and less time outside. However, with Britain’s Olympic success and the government promising a £150 million-a-year boost to improve the quality of sport activities in schools, kids are being inspired to be more active and to try new sports.

Small children right through to teenagers have caught the bug and have a new level of energy and enthusiasm, wanting to get involved and try out new activities. With many families choosing to do more free outdoor activities together, children now need a waterproof bag to keep all their swimwear and special items clean and safe, especially when going on holiday, participating in activity camps and extra clubs at school and nursery.

Having a strong, durable swim bag or P.E bag will make holidays and days out more about happiness and making memories and less about tantrums and tears! If kids have the right equipment, they will be far more motivated to learn the sport or hobby.

These high quality children’s Swimming Bags are designed for ages 2 to 8 years and are incredibly practical and affordable.


High-quality with a double drawstring, these children’s swim bags are perfect as a P.E bag or swimming bag. With an internal waterproof polyester lining and external durable nylon fabric, these characterful kit bags for kids include an inside pocket with zip closure and a pocket to insert a child’s name tag.


Beautifully styled Russian Doll P.E Bag


Swim Bags

Fantastically characterful Jungle P.E Bag


Swim Bags  Perfectly blue Transport Swim Bag


Swim BagsUtterly adorable Elephant Swim Bag


Swim Bags

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