A Personalised Baby Comforter Is The Perfect Gift

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Sending a personalised baby comforter is a way of showing friendship and affection to the new parents. A personalised doudou or personalised baby comforter adds a special touch: it shows that you took the time to find a present that would be sweet, useful and timeless.

‘Doudou’ is French for ‘baby comforter’. The word itself conveys the soft and comforting feeling that a child experiences when cuddling his favourite soft toy. About half of children enjoy having a reassuring security blanket to cuddle and carry so your personalised baby comforter is likely to be appreciated and enjoyed.

The soft toy acts as a transitional object to comfort a baby when mummy is away. The very familiar scent of mummy and home may bring great comfort to a child in nursery or with a child minder. Baby might even enjoy this soothing presence in their bed or in the buggy.

Many parents have noticed that their child sleeps better with a baby comforter as they has something to cuddle and reassure themselves.

For some children, it can one small step towards sleeping through the night and putting themselves back to sleep without waking an adult up. A personalised baby comforter also comforts toddlers’ upsets and bruises. A quick hug to their favourite doudou and off they go, ready to take on the world again.

Each personalised baby comforter is unique: no risk of getting it confused with others at nursery or playgroup! The baby’s name can be embroidered for a truly unique gift. It is original yet replaceable. If you have ever seen how distressed a child can feel over a lost teddy, you will be glad to know that should it every be lost, you would be able to order a replacement. It is a good idea to keep the reference handy.

Pastel colours and soft natural fibres are favourites with babies and parents. It is a good idea to make sure that it is easy to wash. Children love having the possibility to take their favourite personalised baby comforter with them everywhere when they feel the need to, so it is likely to get grubby!

Most children let their baby comforters go any time between the age of 3 and 6 so your personalised baby gift will get plenty of use. The doudou can then be placed in their memory box to be re-discovered years from now.If you are looking for a thoughtful and timeless personalised baby gift, a personalised baby comforter is the perfect choice.

Personalised Baby Comforter

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