Time to get organised with Children’s Bags

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In many families ‘new school year resolutions’ are even more important than New Year’s resolutions! When children go back to school, it is a good time to get organised so that everything runs smoothly until next summer. This year, we have everything in stock to help you and your family.

High up on the list of things to make our lives easier are the children’s bags.

Instead of having just one bag and constantly having to fill it and empty it, why not have a bag for each activity? That way, children can be more independent, grab the appropriate bag and be assured that everything they need is in it. Choose brightly coloured children’s bags with distinctive colours and patterns so that they can instantly recognise their bag.

You could easily have a dozen bags handy and ready to be picked up on the way out:

Ballet, football, swimming or any sports – When their kit, towels, and swimsuits are clean; simply place them back in the bag so you don’t have to look for things at the last minute. Add a snack and they’re ready to go.

  • Language or music class – Once the homework or practice is done, everything goes back in the bag, ready for the following week.
  • PE & after-school club bag – Choosing a highly distinctive bag to hold children’s PE kit together or what they need for their after-school club help them recognise their belongings and make sure fewer items get lost. Money well spent!
  • Things to return to friends – Children always seem to accumulate toys or clothes that belong to others. Once they’re finished playing with them, they can place them back in the bag to be handed out later.
  • Library books – Keeping the library books in a separate bag ensures that they don’t get lost or damaged.
  • Overnight bag – Even if this bag is used only every now and then, it’s still a good idea to have a dedicated bag. That way, children don’t need to empty another bag when they stay at their friends and loose what was originally in the bag!

We particularly like the new folding children backpacks, available in green camo and pink spots & stripes. Unzip this little pouch to reveal a handy drawstring backpack. Perfect for PE, sports, days out, an overnight bag or simply to keep as a back up in your bag when it gets too full!

Bags and Backpacks

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