Toddler Backpacks!

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Toddler Backpacks

Picking The Perfect Onetoddler backpacktoddler backpack

I have decided that Toddler Backpacks are a godsend in disguise. Last week I took a stroll down to my local high street and saw a mum and child walking along hand in hand. Not unusual at all, however what caught my eye was the boy’s colourful animal toddler backpack and how serene and calm mum looked. So it got me thinking…perhaps toddler backpacks are where fun meets function!

A little toddler bag means a child can carry around their own essentials as well as have their snacks and toys at their fingertips. Crayons, books and even changing things can be added and secured in this specifically designed bag. Kids love to feel like they’ve helped mummy out, so giving them the freedom to take ownership of their own special bag should leave them feeling as proud as punch.

A few pointers when picking out the perfect toddler backpack

Size – the bag should be small, otherwise it will swamp the toddler. Morever it should be lightweight when empty, as it will be coming along to most trips and so if little one tires it needs to be the right size to stuff in the ‘day bag’ if necessary.

Design – make sure to pick out a fun and colourful backpack that reflects their personality. It needs to be durable but at the same time it should be a backpack they want and will love and be proud to be carry around with them.

Material – kids can be quite rough and boisterous on the bags they use, so it is essential to pick a toddler backpack that can withstand a certain amount of misuse. Moreover a backpack which is easy to clean and also waterproof.

Handy compartments – do not fear pockets! Look for a backpack with several compartments – an outer pocket for holding crayons, pencils or other small items and an internal spacious pouch that can accommodate a comforter, change of clothes and other things. Also a side compartment for storing a water bottle or a toddler’s sippy cup so they can easily get to it whenever they get thirsty.

Padding and hoops– the bag needs to have cushioned shoulder straps and a padded back to ensure comfort and ease when carrying and also at least one hanging hoop, so it can easily be hung up in a cloakroom and at pre-school.

Fundamentally the most important point to look out for when buying one is how easy it can be used by a child and its likeability. It is a valuable accessory every toddler and preschooler should have and picking a design that will delight both mum and little one is key!


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