Wooden Toy Boxes For Children

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A Child’s Life Long Storage Box

Getting children to tidy their bedrooms can be the cause of much stress in a household. A child’s bedroom is a lot more than their sleeping space, it’s their den, their sanctuary and a space where toys are strewn. All parents want their child’s bedroom to be neat and tidy but it is not a straightforward process,especially when storage facility is urgently needed!

The solution is to take the chaotic mess and turn it into creativity. The more a child is included in how their room is organised and personalised, the more likely they are to keep it clean. While there are a number of inexpensive plastic toy boxes on the market, most lack the quality of a handmade wooden toy box. Plastic toy boxes not only can make an area look ugly and cluttered but they tend to break quickly, and often grow to be unsafe as the broken and chipped edges become sharp. Ultimately they become long-term landfill residents, rather than being passed down to following generations.

Noahs Ark Toy BoxA wooden toy box or wooden toy chest is a decorative piece and wise investment and will help with the “toy clutter”. Made of solid wood it will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use and will become the door to a child’s imagination (lost toys prompt frustration and tears!) Personalising a little ones room is key and with a huge range of different styles and designs to choose from a themed wooden toy box can truly embrace a child’s jungle fever or farm yard obsession.

As well as looking elegant (plus a useful additional seat!) wooden toy boxes are made with a child’s safety in mind. Carefully hand-crafted the majority feature child-proof hinges so the lid will not slam shut and cut outs to prevent finger pinching. With the potential for ‘accident’s’ eradicated, responsibility can be taught to a child about learning to take care of their toys by placing them away in their new storage box.

Toy Box Little PrincessChildren will enjoy being able to get straight into play, rather than having to search under beds to find things. Not being overwhelmed by the choosing means more time and energy is available for imagining and creating!

For further inspiration and peace of mind that a wooden toy box is a life long storage investment take a look here. Includes wooden toy box designs with smart interior removable dividers to keep smaller items separate from the big toys!

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