10 Early Christmas Gift Ideas

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Dare I say the C word yet? Okay, I’m saying it, Christmas is coming. I mean it really is. It’s not even eight weeks away. I am trying to be organised this year. My Christmas gift buying is starting next weekend. I figure that small doses may make the whole process a little less stressful. Maybe I’ll do less panic buying and actually manage to buy gifts that my children want and need. Let us see.

I thought I’d share 10 of my favourite gift ideas. I think this blog may be more to sort my Christmas idea thoughts than anything!

1, Umbrellas
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It’s always raining. It’s Britain after all. I am hopeful that buying a fun umbrella will make them more likely to actually stay dry and not keep on leaving their brolley on the bus!



I used to love having a secret diary. I’d write down all these entries with the plan of reading them back to myself in a few years. The truth is, I had to throw mine out. I cringed too much and my Sister liked the break in but I enjoyed having one! Made me feel quite grown up!


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Sticking with the practical here!!  I love these bags as they also function as a lunch bag. No more forgetting lunch. The front pouch is a removable, insulated lunch box. It’s a win-win!



I love new duvets as an adult and I equally loved them as a child. There is nothing better than jumping into brand new covers after a really long day! Especially fun ones.



Clocks! Perfect for brightening up any room. Our selection is cool and fun, your child will want to know how to tell the time!



As a child, I always used to have my own decorations. I owned two statues and it was always my choice where in the house I laid them out. To this day, the rules still stand. I love it and it’s what makes Christmas special. Those little memories. Snow globes are the perfect way to do that. Let your child choose exactly where the snow globe shall sit for the Christmas season.



My favourite gifts are the personalised ones. They show you’ve really thought about something for someone and it makes it that little more special.


I’m including these because I’d like them for my own bookshelf. They are so, so cute! Perfect for that new year reading challenge.



There’s just something so nice about having your very own. I still have my favourite plate to this day. Except, it’s not Barbie anymore. Now it’s the biggest plate I own = more food.



I am not sure this even needs an explanation. Peter Rabbit in fluffy toy form. Everyone needs a toy for Christmas!!

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