10 Great Things About Winter

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I had a realisation a few days ago. It’s already the 1st September! For me, I love the Summer. I love the warmer weather (ish) and light nights. Winter means colder weather, dark nights and enough coughs and colds to last me a lifetime. But there are positives to every negative and so here is a list of all the positives of winter!

1, Warm winter clothes
I do like winter clothes. I like big wooly hats, scarves and coats. Gone are the days of not being able to get cool. Now it is all about shielding from the cold!

2, Coming into the warm after being in the cold.
Getting into the house after finishing work is a great feeling. Your hands start to defrost and you can no longer see the air you’re breathing!

images3, Christmas Markets
There are some brilliant Christmas Markets popping up all over the UK. My particular favourites are Birmingham and of course London. Salisbury and Winchester also have some lovely ones too. They’re great to buy presents for the person who has everything, brilliant hot chocolate, mulled wine and great chocolate.


4, Bonfire Night
It’s quite magical really. Hoards of people gather in the cold weather, waiting for the bright lights and loud noises. I love to look at the burning fire, smelling burning wood and of course I get to model my winter wardrobe! I personally like to pass this time by eating candy floss and toffee apples!

5, Dark nights making it easier to get young children to sleep
‘But it’s still light outside!’ I have heard this too many times. Outside noises and bright lights can wreak havoc on bed times. Winter cues easier bedtimes!

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6, Dark nights spent indoors watching rubbish television
If you’re anything like me, I like to watch rubbish television if I ever find the time. In the Summer, it almost feels wrong. Like I should be sat in my garden permanently. Winter is the perfect excuse for trashy DVD’s and addictive box sets.

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7, Hot Chocolate
Because there is always room for hot chocolate. I still drink it in Summer but it feels so much better in Winter! Especially with marshmallows and cream.

8, Blankets
Shielding from the cold and making your own blanket fort. Nothing can be better. It also means you don’t have that ‘I want to sleep under a cover but I am far too hot’ feeling that lingers over many summer nights.

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9, Snow
Okay, the cold might not be ideal and snow may not be practical but it sure is fun. Some of my best memories involve sleighing and building snowmen!

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10, Christmas!
Leaving a carrot for reindeer and milk for Santa, there is nothing quite like the magic of Christmas. Excitement, lovely food and time to be with loved ones. It’s a time of year that is special for many!


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