10 Reasons Wall Stickers are a Good Idea

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1. They’re great for the indecisive. I am that person. One minute I want flowers and the next minute flowers are so yesterday.

2.  They wipe clean. If you have children, the wall stickers can be wiped down just like the rest of the house.

3. They’re high quality. See for yourself! Some pictures below are all from customers. There are no special filters to make them look better. They just look like that.


4. They’re perfect if you’re a renter. Let’s face it, lots of us don’t own our own home these days. However, I’m still bored of my magnolia walls. With wall stickers, I don’t have to be. I know that they come down as quickly as they come up leaving no mark and taking no paintwork with them.

5. They’re easy to put up. No paint or wall paper involved. A five-minute job and your room is transformed!

6. They’re cheap. Soooo much cheaper than an entire bedroom maker over.

7. Time saving! I certainly can think of better things to be doing with my weekend than painting or wallpapering. Wall stickers save me that hassle!

8. If I don’t like it, I can remove it. In fact, I do it a lot. I have some wall stickers which used to take pride of place in my bedroom. I still like them but I have others that I love more. So they’ve been demoted to the bathroom.. But they make my bathroom look very cool!

9. They stick on lots of different surfaces. I mean not all. But tiles are fine!

10. They’re fun! They look good! They’re easy to use!

RMK3220GM_FInding Dory and Nemo Giant Wall Graphic RSRMK2999TB_InsideOutWallDecals_SImage Space Wall Stickerswall stickers

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