5 of my Favourite New Products!

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This year I am trying to be organised!! I have already begun my Christmas shopping!! For the children, my Christmas shopping began on Becky and Lolo. There are lots of new products which have arrived in time for those never ending Santa lists.

1, Brand new bedcovers!
14563521_1202259909817451_4990110120849909793_n 14563582_1202259466484162_1615205480886428784_n

2, Secret diaries!

3, Umbrellas which change design in the rain (I want one!!) 14702422_1218777814832327_624163609579447185_n 14708113_1218777041499071_6036567788170887489_n

4, Snow globes




5, Beautiful jewellery boxes


To browse our entire range visit www.beckyandlolo.co.uk

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