50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4

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I spotted a news post on BBC news earlier this week and although I am now comfortably past the age of 11, I clicked on the link. I wanted to know what the 50 most important things to do as a child were.

As I browsed through the list, I began to smile. I was filled with so many positive memories. I’ve ticked off almost all of the 50 must do activities before 11 3/4! I never almost finish a to do list!

I think the National Trust is onto a great thing. To this day, I still do have lots of fond memories from these experiences. From the day in the park, I insisted my Father wore the daisy chain crown I had proudly made to the first time a sea wave knocked me over. I remember feeling the salt in my eyes and wondering if I was ever going to see again (slightly dramatic I know). I remember catching a fish and then being terrified at how much it wriggled, I quickly flung it back into the water and proceeded to run away. I also remember the first time I made a mud pie. My mud pie was so wonderful, that there was a giant hole in the bottom of the garden for a really, really long time! I thought it was really funny making such a big, messy hole and I have to say I did have intentions of making a hole that went all the way through earth (I clearly had great ambition too).


What I’m trying to say is these were great experiences and as I sit here writing this, I am smiling. I have also decided I am going to make it my quest to totally complete this list. I have never actually ate something I’ve grew and I’ve never learnt how to use a compass (despite having a Duke of Edinburgh award). So, this is my summer mission and I shall report on that when it is complete!

Here is the link to the list https://www.50things.org.uk/activity-list.aspx. Have a look to see how many you have done and if any need completing!

It seems a great idea for some really fun memories with your children. Best of all, most of these experiences are free. Miraculously the British weather is pretty much playing ball with us too and so the weather is even perfect for this.



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