Back To School Time

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The school holidays have arrived…. For children this means freedom! Releasing the joy, havoc and unrelenting mischief, built up from over the year.

For a mother this means the inevitable. Chucking away grass stained uniform, overused lunch bags and organising and buying accessories for the new school year…..

This can be an expensive and lengthy process, but it doesn’t need to be! Getting ahead of the rush is key and combined with a trusty list, the only thing you need to research and find is a one stop shop for everything.


The Back To School List 


Sample – Miss Efficient Mum to Twin Boys Cobi and Finley


2 x School insulated Lunch Bags (need to be a bright and original designs, with bottle holders)

2 x Lunch Boxes (with compartments)

2 x School Bags for school trips (must be personalised!)

2 x fabric P.E Bags (preferably with draw string)

2 x Rain Coats (high-quality with lining)

1 x Pencil Case (tin or fabric)

1 x Wallet

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