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Brand New Christmas Snow Globes!

Are you not sure what gift to get someone for Christmas? Have you thought about a Christmas Snow Globe?

Snow Globes are sure to bring a little Christmas magic into your home year after year. For me, snow globes make me think of magic, wishes and Christmas itself. When I asked my friends what they thought of when they think of Snow Globes they said:

‘I find them comforting. When I look at snowglobes, I think of peaceful, happy thoughts.’

‘When I take out my snow globe, I know it is Christmas. It’s time to enjoy!’

‘My mum brought me one when I was little. I still put it on the window sill every year.’

But did you know, Snow Globes were not originally designed to serve as a collectible, souvenir or Christmas decorations?

Snow Globes were first invented in 1900 and this was by accident. A man named Erwin Perzy was trying to find a way for light to project further from a light bulb. In an attempt to do this, Erwin placed glass powder inside a globe filled with water. He hoped this would help  the light project, but it did not work. However, he realised that the glass powder he had used in this attempt created a ‘snowy effect.’ This is how the Snow Globe came to be.

For the first 40 years of its invention, the only figure inside of the snow globe would be that of Erwin’s local church. However, the  company eventually expanded and snow globes now contain lots of different designs.

Snow Globes - Inventor
Edwin Perzy

That is how we at Becky and Lolo have come to have the snow globes we have today. It was all because of an accident!

snow globe

Snow Globes are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. We have a range of designs inside the snow globe from a Christmas Sleigh in the Snow, a Snowman Family and a Snowy Owl.  As they are made from glass and polystone, they are sure to last year upon year. All of our snow globes are musical. To play music, you simply twist the wind-up mechanism. If you’d like to hear this sound, then please watch the Youtube video at the bottom of this page.

Snowglobes are perfect for adults and children alike. They suit the person who has everything (we all know them) and they suit the person who you’d like to get something a little different for. As they are long lasting, they also make great keepsakes. Keepsakes which will conjure up happy memories each year they are taken out for decoration.

snow gobes

Aside from our Christmas varieties, we also have Snow Globes which are suitable for display all year round. These are our ballerina and princess musical Snow Globes. They make great gifts and are the perfect bedroom accessory.

snow globe

Click here to view our full range of Snow Globes.

Click here to listen to the sweet sounds of our Snow Globes via our youtube channel.


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