Good Deeds

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As a company, we often get e-mails requesting donations for really good causes. We try to help with as many as we can but we can’t help with all (even though we’d like too)!

But a while ago we were asked if we could spare some wall stickers in order to brighten up a Children’s paediatric hospital in Gambia. For those who aren’t sure, Gambia is a country in Sub-Saharan Africa where 1/3 of its people live below the poverty line of $1.25 per day. The average person barely earns enough to purchase a loaf of bread every day. There is 1 Doctor per 100000 people and the life expectancy is just 60 years of age!

Anyway, back to it. A lady living in the UK was flying out to offer her nursing skills and wanted to take something with her which might help brighten up what is a scary place for lots of people.

We were able to help. We sent her lots and lots of wall stickers hoping they would make a difference. So it was absolutely great when we received an e-mail showing us what the rooms now looked like after being brightened up!


The walls look much better and I hope they will bring smiles to the faces of children, even for a few seconds. I had one stay in hospital as a child and I still remember it to this day. I remember people rushing around me and lots of strange noises. Above all, I remember feeling scared. It was completely unfamiliar to me. Everything was unknown. Maybe spotting Tigger or Mickey Mouse on the wall may help the children in the Gambian hospital feel less scared. It might be the only thing in the room which they could be familiar with. It’s got to be a plus!


As I was reading the e-mail which thanked us for the donation, I began thinking about the difference people can make to others lives. I began thinking about the difference I make to others and the difference others make to my life. It’s food for thought when you think about it really.

Lots of people make a difference to me. Whether it’s my colleague making me laugh, my friend sending me a text or a stranger holding the door open for me. If I thought about every difference, I’d be here all day (I’ll spare you the time!).

What difference do people make to you? Have a think back to the last good deed someone did for you. What was so good about it? How did it make you feel?

For me, the good deed was from my colleague. She brought me my favourite multipack crisps. Simple, but it cheered up my day. But actually, when I think about this ‘simple’ deed, I realise that it wasn’t so simple after all. She had to remember me at the right moment and remember correctly which crisps were my favourite. She then had to want to get them for me, purchase them and remember to bring them to work the next day. Really, that simple packet of crisps was quite an effort! Thinking about it deeply has made me feel even more thankful and also very special. That’s a nice feeling 🙂


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