How to make BFG ears!

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In light of the upcoming BFG release, I thought i’d share with you how to make your very own BFG ears!

bfgYou will need:

– Headband
– Glue
– Flesh colour felt (A4 sheet)
-Ear template (google or draw yourself)

(Note – You can also use paper plates to make your ears instead of felt. Simply paint the plates whatever colour you’d like your ears to be!)


-Print and cut out the ear template

-Fold the A4 sheet of felt in half

– Trace the ear template onto the felt using a pencil or light coloured pen.    Do this twice for both ears.

– Cut out both ears

– Arrange the ears onto the hairband

– Glue in place

– Enjoy!!

BFG-blog-post-1024x683download (2)

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