10 Step Thai Green Curry

f5c84982861cc178fcdfe28039a5838b-1Currently, I am going through a phase of really loving Asian food. Noodles, curry, you name it and I want to eat it. Just recently, I discovered Thai green curry. But a thai green curry without 500 different ingredients. A curry that was achievable without half a day and a cupboard full of ingredients.

So I thought I’d share it with you!



2 tablespoon Thai green curry paste
500 ml coconut milk
Prawns, chicken or pork
1tbsp of fish sauce


1, Heat your oil on medium heat

2, Add the aubergine chopped into pieces and sweetcorn

3, Add curry paste

4, Add half of the coconut milk

5, Stir the paste and milk together

6, Switch to high heat

7, Add half of the coconut milk

8, Add a small mug of water

9, Add prawns until cooked

10, Add fish sauce