Books for 0 to 18 Year Olds

rd6I believe there is a book out there for everyone to enjoy! Whether you enjoy funny, serious, fantasy or action, a book has been written to suit you! A library gives you instant access to millions and in turn, means boredom should never occur! Here are some books to hopefully inspire you!

0-2 years old

9781406361285A brilliant book to tickle your way through! The hare decides to find out if Big Hare is ticklish. Cue lots of tickling and smiling allowed when telling this story! With beautiful illustrations, it is a brilliant book to read and interact with your child.

2-6 years old

This is a really great book about a hedgehog called Isaac. Isaac doesn’t want to sleep (I bet you can relate) and so it tells the story of Isaacs adventures. I love this book for many reasons. I love the colours and I love the activities Isaac gets up too. He likes to play outside and in the leaves. I think it’s a great way to inspire children to really make the most of the outdoors.

6-11 years old

9780007455942This book is fun and brilliant for the increasingly independent reader. Dr Zeuss uses rhymes and imaginative thinking to create the story of Horton the elephant. Horton is tasked with convincing the rest of the characters that the people who live on tiny specks of dust are people too.

11-14 years old

I love this book. The story tells of two young boys. One of them is due to emigrate to the USA with his mother. However, he disappears whilst on The London Eye. No one knows where he went. Everyone is baffled. Can his friend solve the mystery?


9781594749025The book is sooo much better than the film! The story tells of Jacob who stumbles across an abandoned orphanage. Or is it abandoned? Who lives there? The characters Jacob meets are all a bit peculiar..

Young Adult

Based during the time of the second world war, this book tells the story of living under a German regime. The story centers around a young girl who becomes obsessed with reading after stealing the gravediggers handbook. The story details how she navigates the challenges she has to face. It’s sad, funny and heartwarming. It’s a brilliant book which is aimed at both older readers and adults.