New Roald Dahl Collection


Roald Dahl. To me it’s a household name. An author we had to read at school and an author I enjoyed reading in my spare time. His books made me laugh and cry. I could never put them down. They were funny and tagic. Everyone enjoyed reading him! My particular favourite book is the BFG with Matilda coming in at a close second.

I was very excited to find out that a feature film adaptation of the Big Friendly Giant is being released in the UK on July 22nd! The film tells the story of a giant who is supposed to be scary but actually turns out to be friendly. Together the BFG and Sophie begin an adventure to save the world from evil man-eating giants. It’s a perfect film for children and adults alike.

So I was even more excited about the BFG release when I was made aware of a new delivery at Becky and Lolo. A collection of Roald Dahl items. They’re perfect for back to school!

Roald Dahl Lunch bag Roald Dahl Pen.12 Roald Dahl Pencil CaseRoald Dahl Stickers roald-dahl-list-pad-1

Enormous Crocodile (Roald Dahl) Matilda (Roald Dahl) roald-dahl-snack-pots-pic-2

My favourite is the lunch box which depicts a scene from Charlie and Chocolate Factory! Illustrations are provided by the famous Quentin Blake and cover both sides. Practically the lunch box features a removable strap whilst being wipe clean. Take a look for yourself and decide on your favourite item!

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