Large Wall Stickers For Kids’ Bedrooms

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Easy Decorating with Our Re-positionable Large Wall Stickers


For a simple and fun way to decorate a child’s bedroom, why not use large wall stickers? Versatile, inexpensive and completely removable, large wall stickers are a fantastic way to decorate and can be turned into an enjoyable activity for all the family.

Large Wall StickersThe first step when decorating a child’s bedroom is to select a wall colour and decide on a theme. Wall stickers require a clean, smooth surface so it is important to make sure the walls are treated and painted in a hue that will really show off the wall stickers.

Large wall stickers are ideal to create a feature wall and the overall effect is dramatic! Many designs come with coordinating ‘peel and stick’ stickers and borders so smaller elements can be positioned around the primary design to create a colour-rich mural or story wall.

Large Wall StickersThe next step is choosing a rich and vibrant large wall sticker design that will add excitement and wonder to a play space and stimulate little ones’ minds. For parents, re-positionable vinyl wall stickers are ingenious as they are an easy way to pander to children’s hobbies and latest trends. Children grow up fast and change their style often so large wall stickers make perfect sense and are easily changeable as a child’s tastes alter.

Whimsical nursery designs such as trees and woodland animals can be replaced with bold designs like Disney wall stickers and other boy and girl themes as children get older. As the majority of wall stickers do not leave marks or sticky residue, the wall will simply need a wipe down and the old wall stickers can be stored away on their original backing sheet or on tracing paper to be used for another day.

Large Wall StickersMade from high-quality vinyl, children’s wall stickers are a fast and affordable way to transform a child’s bedroom. All large wall stickers come with numbered instructions for easy application with the option for multiple configurations. Many of our large wall stickers measure over a metre high on completion.

For more children’s bedroom decorating ideas visit our large wall stickers department.

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