Money Saving Ideas

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Let’s face it, I think most of us wish we could save more money. Imagine if we saved £1.00 per day for an entire year. That saving would probably mean a few less ad hoc buys like crisps, sweets or that last pint. Over the course of one year, we would save £360!  I bet we wouldn’t notice much different to our daily lives. Definitely easier said than done though!


How to Save Money

This got me thinking about ways which I choose to save now. One of the most successful ways in which I save is via my money box. When I was younger, my parents always encouraged me to put money into my money box. This essentially meant that I’d periodically look in their purses (with permission of course) and take out all of the 1p, 2p and 5 pence pieces. Once I’d filled up the money box, my mother would help me bag the coins and take them to the post office.

I continued doing this for years and It’s still something I do now. Except, I now find myself going through my own purse rather than anyone else’s!! I’m also significantly lazier. Instead of bagging up my coins, I take my money box to the coin counters in large shopping stores. I exchange it for a voucher and enjoy a discounted food shop!! Once my money box fills, it averages at about £10-15 which is not bad for a few pennies I don’t even realise are gone. Plus is makes my purse significantly lighter!!

Whilst waiting for my moneybox to fill as a child, I used to make scrapbooks.These scrapbooks would be cuttings from the Argos and Littlewoods catalogue. I’d work out how many weeks of pocket money it was going to take me to buy the item I wanted. On the whole, I stuck to this plan. I soon learnt that delaying gratification would make me happier in the long run. This is a skill I still adopt now. Except, my scrapbook is via the medium of Amazon wish lists!!

I think learning the importance and rewards savings bring from a young age is important. If I was never taught to save my pennies, I’m sure I wouldn’t make a point of saving all my loose change. I still remember how excited I felt as a child. Turning my pennies into £5 notes meant I could buy an extra toy from the shop! It was really exciting. I still hold onto that feeling when I am considering whether to save the last 1p, 2p, 5p or £1.00.

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