Mothers Day Gifts

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If you’re anything like me, Mother’s day can be quite stressful. My mother has everything she wants. I’ve brought her all of the usual items. She has a ‘mum’ mug, the slippers and the dressing gown. To make matters worse, she has also banned chocolate as a gift. She’s dieting!

And so I decided to look at jewellery. I’ve never actually bought her jewellery before. Or at least not for a long time. During this time Kaya Jewellery contacted me about possibly reviewing an item for them. We receive lots of requests for this and unless I genuinely like the product, I decline.

I was interested in this site because all of the jewellery is hand made. The thought of someone actually making this rather a machine churning out millions made it feel that little more special.

I also really love that they support a charity called The Eduki Foundation. Because of Kaya Jewellery, 10 children go to school and receive an education in Gambia. It’s always nice knowing that some of my money is going to brilliant causes.

On to the jewellery..!

There are so many nice gifts on there, I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to get. After whittling it down, I finally decided on this.

It’s called ‘triple love’. I really like the interesting use of colours for each of the hearts. It makes it stand out and feel that little bit different from the hundreds of other necklace choices out there. I love how this necklace can be dressed up or down to be worn for an elegant occasion or for everyday wear.

I decided to take a picture so you can see how it looks with everyday wear. This is what it looks like when it’s not positioned for a photo or under any special lighting. And this is why I really like it. You can still see the three hearts rather than it being a bundle of nothing.


I really liked the chain too. So many chains are often flimsy and easily tangled. This chain isn’t like that. It is made of sterling silver and has a lovely shine. When I removed the necklace and put it on my desk, it didn’t tangle itself! So it is perfect if you don’t meticulously store your jewellery.

For me the three hearts represent three aspects of me and my mums relationship but they can mean anything you want them too!

My order arrived really quickly! In fact, it’s one of the fastest deliveries I’ve ever had! I ordered it last Thursday and by Friday afternoon it was through my door! And delivery was free!

What was also nice was the gift bag it came in. It arrived in a lovely satin pink bag with a delicate flower design. The fuschia drawstring handles make the bag look ruffled and exciting. I wasn’t expecting the bag to come as standard and so this was a lovely surprise and has taken away the hassle of presenting my gift.


I really love my gift and I’m sure my mum will love it too. I’ll definitely keep this website in mind for other occasions too. They stock gifts for girls, children, girlfriends, best friends and pretty much every occasion you can think of.

I really like the ‘mum and me’ collection. I think there is something sentimental about both mother and daughter wearing jewellery which means something. To others, it may be ‘just a bracelet’ but to yourself, it means a whole lot more.

I’m really happy to announce that Kaya Jewellery will be offering Becky and Lolo followers a chance to win a £25.00 gift voucher to spend on anything on their website! All you have to do is follow our blog, retweet us, follow kaya or share our facebook post. Each blog follow, retweet and facebook share counts as one entry and so you can enter more than once!! Spoil yourself or someone else!


Kaya Jewellery


Disclaimer – The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Reviewing was agreed upon agreement that I could express my true opinion.

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