New Years Resolutions.

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Start on January 1
Start on January 1

This morning, as I was watching television, I heard an advert stating that at 10:00 am you can find out ‘why your new year’s resolutions are doomed to fail’. I have to admit, I was feeling a little confused by this. I am not sure what the point is of telling people why you are bound to fail? Heck, I fail most days at something, but it doesn’t mean you give up.

So this post is dedicated to a little bit of positivity that channel five seems to be oh so lacking. Because new years resolutions are a good thing. Yes, people say you shouldn’t wait for a new year but for many (me included), the new year is a good time to draw a line under whatever it is and start afresh. For me, I am hoping to loose the weight I seem to have put on over winter. I am that person who could not possibly start dieting in December. It just didn’t make sense!

In order to try and stick to my ‘new year, new me’, I decided to look at what it was that made you more likely to succeed in keeping your resolution rather than being ‘doomed to fail’. So here are my positive tips!


1  – Apparently you shouldn’t have just a vague goal like ‘get fit’. Those goals take time and in that time you may fall off the wagon. Instead, have an overarching goal such as get fit but also have other small goals which you’ll hit on your path to getting fit. For example, your first goal could be to attend the gym 6 times or run one mile or run three miles! Small, achievable goals which lead you on your way to the holy grail of all goals!

2 – Reward yourself. I have to say, I liked that suggestion. I am certainly one for rewarding myself. It could be something like your favorite cinema trip or biscuit or early night!

3 – Resolutions don’t have to all be about self-improvement. They can be fun! Maybe your resolution is to have your first ever spa day or go on a holiday you’ve always wanted. Sometimes it can be easy to forget about looking after yourself, especially when children and work start to build up.
4 – Don’t give up if you fail. So what if you had a bad day and ate the entire cookie jar. Draw a line under it, forgive yourself and start again! You’ll be further forward than never starting at all.

5 – Make one change at a time. And actually, I can vouch for this. Maybe ‘clean eating’ is just too hard! Start by cutting out one thing at a time. Maybe one less sugary drink per day or one less chicken goujon. This way, you’re not completely deprived, are achieving your goals and well on your way to achieving whatever goal you set!

There is only one more thing to say..good luck and be strong!! Nothing worth doing is easy!


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