Children’s Owl Gifts

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Children’s Owl Gifts– long-standing and very much loved!

Has anyone noticed that owl fever is still apparent? Walking along the high street, I’m seeing the owl influence everywhere. From children’s owl gifts and accessories to playful window displays featuring Mr Owl and his forest friends, the owl seems to be a decorative force with staying power. Once considered a symbol for Wildlife Trusts and all things nature, this nocturnal bird of prey has become quite a popular theme for girl’s and boy’s bedrooms, as well as the perfect children’s gift and fail-safe design in the fashion world.

An unassuming bird, the owl is a sleepy head in the day and only ventures out at night to hunt small prey. With around 162 different species of owls alive and the smallest ‘Elf’ owl measuring only 13cm tall, no wonder the owl mania lives on. There is certainly a lot of them to talk about!

A welcome break from pinks, princesses and plastic, the owl print design is a firm favourite for school satchels, children’s lunch boxes, girl’s lunch bags and PE bags. Making frequent appearances on baby tableware, school stationery, baby music boxes and as a main character in children’s bedroom decoration, children’s owl gifts are frequently bought by parents and grandparents because they are loved by both boys and girls.

Similarly, adults love the big eyes and pointy ears and as a nation we are captivated by the owl’s reputation for being ‘wise’ and magical. Designers especially like the children’s owl gifts trend because from a design aspect the owl doesn’t have a lot of lines and works well in all style of genres, such as modern owl, retro owl, classic owl and Scroll Tree owl!

Harry Potter’s owls, Hedwig, Pidwidgeon and Hermes paved the way for owl mania and the classic nonsense poem, The Owl and the Pussy Cat, continues to fuel the love for owl appreciation gifts. The owl definitely has tweerific staying power, compared to princesses and other popular themes, which children tend to age out of quickly. So when in doubt choose wise children’s owl gifts!Children's Owl Gifts

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