Spring is in the Air

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If you’re anything like me, you’re totally fed up with the gloomy Winter weather. I’m bored of having to wear about fifteen layers to even walk to the shop. So many layers means I have to totally strip off indoors leading to countless jackets being left on buses, trains, the list goes on. Not only that but the amount of washing I have almost quadruples. I am not even joking!

I often spend time dreaming about moving to a warmer place where seasons aren’t such a big deal as they are here. Maybe Austrailia. Okay, I think I am dreaming just a little bit.

As I was waiting for the train yesterday, I was stood opposite an advert. It was an advert to visit Iceland. Did you know that the shortest day in Iceland is just four hours long?! (My mind was blown). The appeal of a holiday there no longer feels so advertising. Infact my enthusiasm for visiting lasted a whole few seconds (but the Northern Lights looked great!). The advert did make me think though. It made me think that there are some good things about Winter here in the UK. Maybe some things about Winter I will miss just a little bit:

  • Having a warm bath from coming in outside
  • No more salads. Winter calls for hearty stews, lasagne and general stodge
  • Christmas
  • Snow (You’re never too old to build a snowman)
  • Not feeling guilty for being in bed at 8pm (It’s dark outside!)

But in saying there are things I will miss, here are five things I am really looking forward too:

– Not losing countless jackets/washing countless jackets which don’t go missing!
-A trip to the shops not feeling like I need to dress for a climb up Everest
– Lighter nights
– Children playing outside

The nights are already a little lighter though. Yesterday, it was 6pm and still light as I was walking outside! That was nice. I am looking forward to the clocks going forward soon. March 26th is the date to be precise! I will however still find time to moan that I’ll loose an hours sleep. I guess some people can never be pleased!

What is your favorite season and why? What will you miss and what won’t you miss?

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