6 Tips to Make Back to School Easier


Back to school is looming again. Summer feels like it has been going on forever and school is a long lost memory to many. For some, the prospect of returning to school is fun and to others it is daunting. Hopefully, these top tips will make the process of taking even the reluctant back to school a little bit easier.


1. Begin to adjust bedtime.
Summer can play havoc with bedtimes. The weather is better, nights are lighter and fun lasts longer. This can make a sudden need to go to bed on time for school difficult. In order to counteract this, begin the bedtime process a week before school actually begins. Wake them up at the time you would if preparing for school. This will help body clocks fall back into routine and also mentally prepare your child. Hopefully, this will lead to an easier first day back.

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2, Practice the route
New school? Beginning to make the journey alone? Practicing the route can help take the unknown out of school. Make the journey so your child can see where they’re going to be spending much of their time. If you child is beginning to make the journey alone, practice the journey with them so they feel confident which in turn helps your nerves.
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3, Make the first day back exciting
The first day back of school can be very daunting. Make it feel more exciting with a new lunchbox or bag to take. Don’t let them use the bag until it’s time for school. This helps to add something else to look forward too.


4, Relax
When I was at school, at the end of every day we had something called ERIC. This stood for ‘Everyone reading in class’.  I now know this was to calm us down as well as educate us. It is something I have taken into my home life. Before bed, I make sure computer games and televisions are off. This will help your child to relax in preparation for sleep before school.


5, Make yourself available
Try and make yourself available after the first day of school. This ensures your child knows you’re there if they have any worries or if they’ve had a great day and can’t wait to share what they have been up too!

download (1)6, Be positive
Let them know that school is going to be great. If they’re worried, make a plan so it feels easier and more manageable. Maybe a treat for getting through something they’re scared of. Anything to make the process easier.