How to Make a Christmas Stocking!

Christmas!! Christmas has lots of perks. One of my favorite things about Christmas is an entire month of getting to do Christmassy activities. Everything seems that little bit happier even though the nights are dark and gloomy. Even as an adult, I still have my stocking I made from when I was younger (probably about 10). I remember making it and every year, I take it out and hang it up. Here is how to make your own stocking..

You will need:

-Red Felt
– Thread
– Sequins
– Buttons
– Glue
– Ribbon
– Pom poms


– Fold your felt in half

– Draw a stocking template onto your felt. You can do this freehand or print off a template online.

– Cut out the stocking design

– Stitch the two pieces of fabric together making sure you leave the top of the stocking open!!

– Decorate your stocking with glitter, sequins and buttons. You can use glue or sew these on

– Attach a folded piece of ribbon to the corner and hang up!

There are lots of things you could do with this simple design. Create 25 stockings and make an advent calendar, turn them into Christmas tree decorations or make a realllly huge one for all of your presents from Santa!!