What actually is Mother’s day?

What actually is Mother’s day?


Many of my friends call it Hallmark day. A chance for card shops to cash in on overpriced cards. Others don’t celebrate it. However, most of my friends do celebrate.  This made me wonder what actually is Mother’s day?

Well, Mother’s day is always held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday (did someone say chocolate). Traditionally, Mother’s day was not a celebration of motherhood. Instead, it was a celebration of the mother church. It was a time where people returned to the church in which they were baptised. This meant people were reunited within their old towns, villages and communities.

Nowadays this isn’t so common, although I am sure people still observe this. I guess the movement of people all over the country and even further afield makes coming together more difficult. People are more likely to move several times for work or a better quality of life and so community links may not be so strong.

Today, Mother’s day is traditionally a day to honour the mother. Many of us come together at our Mothers house or a nice restaurant. It’s the same concept really. You still reunite with family and other important people in your life. It just may or may not be the village church in which you grew up.

I think it would be quite nice to go back to the area I grew up in and reunite with neighbours, my old friends and of course, my own family. But I guess that isn’t really practical. My home is hours away from where my home is now and I wouldn’t be able to get backwards and forwards in time for work the next day!  Instead, I shall rely on Facebook, e-mail and mobile phones to keep in contact with the rest of the world. There are pros and cons!

As a clutching at straws for an extra day off attempt, I also wanted to know why Mother’s day doesn’t afford an extra bank holiday. I mean mothers are important! In the United Kingdom, many years ago, the only people who used to be afforded a day off were servants. On Mothering Sunday they were often released from duties to be able to attend their church and visit their Mothers. These days, there is no bank holiday, no day off and not even a change to public transport! I guess that goes to show how the modern world has taken off and is disrupted for very few occasions.

Still, it will still be a day I will honour and enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too!