You know you’re the parent of a teenager when..

1, You hear the word ‘literally’ at least 200 times per day.

2, Your diary becomes a list of someone else’s social occasions and a list of your taxi bookings..

3, You hear words being used you’re convinced didn’t exist last year.

4, If they emerge before midday on a weekend you wonder what’s wrong.

5, It’s all about the mobile phone.

6, Your cheffing skills have decreased. Nope, they don’t want to eat that.

7, You accept a grunt or an eye roll as a form of communication.

8, You sometimes confuse yourself with the bank of England (why do they always need money? And if it’s not money then they need something signed).

9, Helping with homework becomes harder every year. I mean this stuff is advanced!

10, You find yourself standing in their room wondering how they got this big and thanking your lucky stars that you still have a few more years before they leave.