Twas the weekend before back to school.

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It’s half term week! To some, this is a good thing (especially teachers) but others are left wondering what they are going to do to keep the children entertained for an entire week. Especially as the weather is so rubbish. It’s cold and anything other than staying indoors seems less than ideal.

So, I’ve been thinking of ideas which could be fun for the last weekend before normal service commences. Here is my list of possible weekend activities!

boy_on_trampoline1) Have you heard of oxygen? It’s trampolining for people of all ages. Yes, even you can join in too! Currently, there are venues in London and Southampton (don’t worry, more are opening soon). It’s really fun. Simply put it, there are lots of trampolines and your imagination/skill or lack of! You can flip, somersault or just bounce up and down. No worries about queueing for a trampoline as there are enough for everyone in each session. They also offer trampolining lessons, fitness classes and a very nice cafe if you’d like to relax whilst the younger ones play. They have a variety of sessions for both the under 5’s, over 5’s and adults too!

2) Cinemas are also great for rainy days. Especially when rain coincides with Saturday mornings. Cineworld cinemas host ‘movies for juniors’ which makes for really, really cheap cinema trips. Prices sit around the £1.75 mark and they’re currently showing Inside Out which is a brilliant film for adults and children alike. You’ll love it and your kids will too!

Toddler playing at the summer or autumn day

3) Are you feeling brave? If so, you’ll have lots of fun! Some of my best memories are from playing in the mud, rain and puddles. Wrap up warm and it’s a free, fun few hours where you can run off some energy and enjoy. Maybe choose a park close to home though. Smiles can quickly turn into frowns when little people get too cold! Don’t I know it.

4) Bake a cake!! I love the children’s cake baking kits and they have designs for everyone. I saw a One Direction cupcake making kit at one point. I shudder but your child may excite.

TV movie marathons

5) Movie marathons..I know being a couch potato is frowned upon but sometimes it’s just the best thing to do. Harry Potter marathons with nibbles is a brilliant way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon and is definitely one of my favorite past times.

6) If the dark nights are getting to you and you want to get outside, have you heard of the UK’s first Chinese lantern festival? There are lots of different lights including life-size elephant lanterns and over 50 different creations which will keep the whole family entertained.

download (1)7) Make play dough and have even more fun playing with play dough. There is a really cool recipe to be found here  . Much cheaper than buying it in the shop.


8) Draw a map. This encourages your child to think as well as unleashing their creative side. Draw squares onto a piece of paper and encourage them to draw their local area. It’s always fun to see a child’s interpretation of their world. They draw what’s important and usually everything else isn’t recognised. Good thinking if you ask me!

9) Make a cape!! Because we all need to be superheroes sometimes!!

10) Museums. Most cities have one and they often have free activities for kids, especially on weekends and half term. It’s also worth seeing if your local library has events on too. Plus libraries are free!

So what was the most fun thing you have got up to this half term? I’d love to hear. Inspiration is always good for the soul!

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