Children's Snack Boxes

Compartment Lunch Boxes

Browse our range of Compartment Lunch Boxes in a number of styles, sizes and colours to fit any pre-school, toddler or school lunch bag. Including the following brands.

Buchsteiner containers – a high-quality and colourful range with each rectangular box including two removable and re-positionable individual dividers, so no matter what size your lunch, food items can be placed and packaged securely.

Decor's plastic compartment lunch boxes - make it so easy to create a selection of healthy lunches for the whole family. With a variety of different size lunch boxes to store sandwiches, wraps, pieces of fruit or that special treat, you name it there is a space for it. With a unique seal and steam/air release vent that makes them not only airtight but leak proof too, the vent allows lunches and leftovers to be reheated in the microwave, so children can enjoy yummy leftovers at school or nursery.

Plus all of Decor's compartment snack boxes can be combined with other items to pack neatly into an insulated school lunch box, cooler bag or kids insulated lunch bag without the need for additional packaging.