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Frequently Asked Questions

Dotty Frog will try to answer all of your wall sticker questions here

Are all your wall stickers really re-positionable?

Yes! They can be reused over and over again, no matter how many times they are reapplied to a surface. If you make a mistake, just peel the wall decal away and place it in the correct spot. Use our seasonal wall stickers for temporary decorating: spruce up a space with festivity and then when you're done, just take them down and re-apply them to their original liners for usage again next year. Perfect for holidays, parties, apartments, or anywhere else a quick change may be needed!

What are your wall stickers made of?

Our wall stickers are made of a very thin, flexible vinyl material. This gives the sticker the look that it has been painted on and makes it harder for little fingers to remove.

Are wall stickers just for walls?

Let your imagination run free! Our wall stickers work on any smooth, dry and clean surface: walls, of course, but also mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, tiles, glass, lockers, furniture, accessories, or even automotive surfaces.

Can I apply my wall stickers in a bathroom or around water?

Yes you can, apart from the inside of a bathtub! They can be applied to tiles and shower walls as long as the surface is clean and completely dry during installation. Always make sure to smooth out the wall sticker so water cannot get behind the design. When cleaning the bathroom, take care to avoid spraying chemicals on or near your wall stickers. Direct contact to cleaning products can cause bubbling, running,or streaking.

Where are your wall stickers made?

Our RoomMates collection are made in the USA. All our other ranges are made in China.

Are wall stickers safe for children?

Absolutely. Our products are tested against the highest safety standards, and are completely non-toxic.

Will the wall stickers remove paint from my walls?

Our wall stickers have been designed to be completely safe for your walls, which means that they will not peel the paint, or damage other surfaces like sealed wood, plastic, or metal. However, we don't recommend applying them to freshly painted walls!

Where is it not a good idea to put wall stickers?

Do not place wall stickers on radiators, the dishwasher, oven, or microwave and in areas where they will be exposed to extreme heat and cold. Do not place them on rugs, fabrics, clothing, or any other textiles. Textile fibres may stick to the adhesive and cause it to become ineffective.

Why do my wall stickers smell?

Occasionally, when you open a packet of our wall stickers, you may detect a slight "vinyl" smell. This odour is left over from the printing process, and will fade very quickly. Relax, it's not harmful! The smell will usually go away in a matter of minutes.

Will wall stickers stick to textured walls?

Although we only recommend using wall stickers on smooth, flat surfaces, our customers do occasionally report success with textured walls or ceilings.

Can I clean my wall stickers?

If dirty, they can be wiped clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals (like glass cleaner) on your wall stickers! This can damage the vinyl and sometimes even cause the colours to run.

How do I keep my wall stickers safe after I've taken them off the walls?

We recommend placing removed wall decals on the original liners, but we've found that wax paper works just as well.

My wall stickers don’t stick! What happened?

Carefully read the enclosed instructions prior to installation to be sure that all criteria are met. Be sure that the walls or surfaces you are using are clean, dry, and haven't been freshly painted or otherwise sealed. If your decals aren't sticking, try wiping down the wall or surface with a dry cloth, then try again. If your decals are still falling off the wall, and you feel that you followed the instructions correctly, let us know and we'll help you out.

What's the difference between the ‘clear’ and ‘opaque’ materials listed on some of your products

Our RoomMates collection are printed on two types of backing: clear (or semi-transparent), and opaque (or white). Decals printed on clear material are soft, subtle designs that are meant to blend in with the wall. Designs printed on opaque material will usually look less like stencils, and will ‘pop’ off the wall.

If you're picking a design printed on clear backing, keep in mind that these products are usually semi-transparent. If your walls are white, or a light colour, you probably won't have a problem. However, if your walls are painted black or another dark colour, you may find that the decals don't show up clearly. In that case, it's better to look for a design that is printed on opaque material, as they are suitable for walls of any colour.

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